A collaboration for monarch butterfly conservation

The Central Oregonian shares the Land Trust's partnership with the Crooked River Wetlands Complex to improve butterfly habitat.
By Ramona McCallister
The Central Oregonian


On a blustery October morning, a host of happy volunteers were seen at the Crooked River Wetlands placing hundreds of native plants to attract monarch butterflies.

Deschutes Land Trust has been partnering with the Crooked River Wetlands Complex to get more these plants in the community for monarch butterflies and other pollinators.

Deschutes Land Trust is a nonprofit organization based in Bend. They work throughout Central Oregon to conserve land for wildlife and scenic views in local communities.

"Just in the past few years, we have started getting more involved in monarch conservation," explained Stewardship Director for Deschutes Land Trust Amanda Egertson. "That has evolved a bit into pollinator conservation more broadly. But it really began as monarch conservation..."