Conservation groups launch fundraising effort for Warm Springs water restoration

Central Oregon Daily shares the work of conservation organizations to support the Confederated Tribes of Warm Springs through the MRG Foundation's Chúush Fund.
Central Oregon Daily

A coalition of eight conservation organizations have joined with the Warm Springs Indian Reservation, MRG Foundation, and Warm Springs Action Team to mobilize immediate and long-term action to remediate the growing water emergency.

The Chúush: Water for Warm Springs Campaign accepts contributions that will directly assist the tribes in restoring access to and infrastructure for clean water.

The communities of Warm Springs are now in the second year of a devastating water emergency due to a series of pressure breaks in key community water lines.

Over 60% of Warm Springs residents do not have regular, consistent access to clean water for personal or domestic use.

The crumbling water infrastructure is a public health crisis, exacerbated by climate change and the ongoing global health crisis—both disproportionately affecting Native communities.

Conservation groups’ efforts to leverage widespread community support for the Chúush Fund is an extension of the land and water stewardship that the Warm Springs Tribe has modeled since existence...