Public invited to monarch butterfly release

The Bend Bulletin highlights the Deschutes Land Trust butterfly release as a part of our Monarch conservation project.
By Staff Report
The Bulletin

Monarch butterfly 

The Deschutes Land Trust is planning to release 10 to 15 monarch butterflies into the wild from Hollinshead Park Saturday. The public is invited to watch the release.

The caterpillar eggs were originally laid in a garden in Brookings, Oregon. The Land Trust was involved in rearing them through their complex life cycle from caterpillar to butterfly.

Western North American Monarch butterflies, known for their distinctive black, orange and white pattern, migrate vast distances in the autumn to sites in Southern California.

Factors including habitat loss are contributing to a widespread collapse of monarch butterfly populations. The population of these insects in California has fallen around 90% over the past two decades.

The release is scheduled for 2 p.m. Saturday but the Land Trust says the time could change depending on the weather. The Land Trust is asking the public to check its Facebook page to confirm the time of the release.

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