Suttle changes in autumn

The Bend Bulletin explores the changing colored trees during autumn in the Metolius basin.
By Cristina Peterson
Bend Bulletin

Seasons don’t follow a set schedule or shift on a specific calendar date. Changes creep across landscapes, sometimes imperceptibly slow, other times suddenly apparent. One day holds the lingering heat of summer, while the next delivers a frosty chill. These variations bring autumn’s brilliant colors and cause wildlife to scamper about in earnest preparation for what’s ahead. Leaves flickering like candlelight, birds’ migratory flight and the arrival of the unexpected all make fall feel so special. Cooler temperatures and fewer people on the trails also make it an amazing time to trail run.

Most of Central Oregon’s forests are coniferous. The trees have needles that display only very slight seasonal changes, so it can be hard to even notice any differences...