Bird lists for iBird Explorer Pro

Bird lists for Land Trust properties as text files for use with iBird Pro.

KK.Wilson's Warbler
KK.Wilson's Warbler
KK.Wilson's Warbler

The Land Trust uses iBird Explorer Pro, an App for mobile devices, in the field at our protected lands. We like this app for a number of reasons:

  • it covers a huge range of species (including all the species at our properties which is very rare in the nature app world!)
  • the details for each bird are great: how to identify, sounds, range, photos, ecology, similar species and more!
  • And, you can keep notes on birds when you see them, and save and/or import favorite lists.  See below to learn how to download the bird lists for Land Trust Preserves!

A note: please be respectful when using this app around birds. The use of bird call recordings disturbs mating and nesting birds. When visiting Land Trust protected lands, please do not play recordings to call birds and use your headphones for listening. Please follow the American Bird Association's Principles of Birding Ethics.


To add the lists for Land Trust Preserves to your device:

1. First install iBird Explorer Pro on your device.

2. First, download and save the lists you'd like to add to your computer.

3. Next, load these lists into iBird Explorer Pro (these instructions are for a PC and may differ slightly on a Mac):

  • Open iTunes, under "Devices" select your device (eg. your iphone, ipod or ipad)
  • Click the "Apps" option under the itunes Apple icon.
  • Under "File Sharing," select iBird Explorer Pro.
  • Under "iBird Pro Documents," click "Add."
  • Navigate to where you've saved the files. Select the files. Click "open or save."

4. Find the bird lists in iBird:

  • Launch the iBird App
  • Choose the option "More" under the bottom navigation.
  • Choose "iCloud Settings"
  • Choose "Select Favorites List"
  • Check the Favorites List you'd like to see.
  • Return to the main screen and this bird list should be under the "Favorites" button.
  • Do this again if you'd like to see a different Favorites List.


The tiny print: these instructions are for iBird Explorer Pro and worked as of May 2012. The world of apps, devices, and computers changes daily so they may be out of date as of tomorrow. Sorry! We hope this works for you, and while we cannot be your tech support, let us know how it's going! Email Sarah Mowry (sarah at with feedback.