Rimrock Ranch

A 1,120 acre private ranch near Sisters, Oregon.
  • Private property; not open to the public.
  • No trails or facilities.
  • Whychus Creek, rimrock cliffs, canyon scenery.
  • Golden eagles and other raptors, geologic wonders, scenic views.


Rimrock Ranch is a private 1,120 acre ranch near Sisters. The Land Trust worked with its owners to protect its outstanding fish and wildlife habitat, pine forests and productive ranchland. Rimrock Ranch contains roughly 2 miles of Whychus Creek, and will play an important role in the reintroduction of salmon and steelhead to the Upper Deschutes Basin. Conservation of this property also secures wildlife migration corridors between the two large blocks of federal land that border the Ranch. The Land Trust has an agreement in place to purchase Rimrock Ranch when the owner is ready.

  • What to See

    Rimrock Ranch is private property and is not publicly accessible. From time to time the Land Trust arranges special tours of this property. Tour highlights include:

    • Bird watching: Rimrock canyons, streamside willows, and tall pines provide a variety of habitats for birds. More than 100 bird species have been documented on the property.
    • Whychus Creek: The portion of Whychus Creek that flows through Rimrock Ranch is home to salmon and steelhead. The Land Trust is currently working with our restoration partners to plan the restoration of Whychus Creek from Whychus Canyon Preserve downstream to Rimrock Ranch.
    • Outstanding scenery: Rimrock Ranch is a beautiful place to visit on a guided tour. Perched above Whychus Creek canyon, the Ranch contains native grasslands, juniper forests, unique rock formations, and spectacular scenic views.
  • Conservation Values

    Rimrock Ranch has high quality habitat for fish and wildlife and is adjacent to public lands. The property was particularly susceptible to high density development because a subdivision was platted on it prior to its zoning as farm land. This development potential, along with the property’s tremendous scenery and proximity to the fast-growing resort town of Sisters, Oregon, meant that a change in ownership would most likely result in actual subdivision and development of the property.


  • Restoration Activities

    Restoration activities at Rimrock Ranch include:

    • Restoring Whychus Creek: Rimrock Ranch is part of a larger effort to restore the stretch of Whychus Creek that runs through the ranch. Restoration work will begin just upstream at Whychus Canyon Preserve in summer 2016.
    • Invasive weed management: The Land Trust works with the ranch owners to remove invasive plants, restore springs and wetlands, and maintain its ponderosa pine woodlands.



  • Driving Directions + Maps

    Rimrock Ranch is private property and is not publicly accessible. From time to time the Land Trust arranges special tours of this property. Visit our event page to learn more.

    The map below shows the location of Rimrock Ranch in relation to other Land Trust conserved lands.