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Our Work

What the Deschutes Land Trust does.

The Land Trust conserves and protects land in Central Oregon for Central Oregonians. We care for more than 8,700 acres in our region for today, tomorrow and for generations to come.

Learn more about lands we've already protected, about lands we are currently trying to conserve, like Skyline Forest, or about conserving your land.

How we conserve and protect land

The Land Trust only works with willing landowners who voluntarily want to conserve their land. Lands considered for protection must meet our rigorous conservation criteria which assures that all protected lands meet the mission of the Land Trust. Lands protected by the Land Trust can allow, but do not have to allow public access.

We protect land in a variety of ways, visit our conserve your land page to learn more about land preservation options. To learn more about land that we own and manage, visit our Community Preserves.


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