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The Cottonwood Circle

The Cottonwood Circle is an exceptional group of individuals who have volunteered for 10 or more years with the Land Trust.

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The Cottonwood Circle is an exceptional group of individuals who have volunteered for 10 or more years with the Land Trust.

The Cottonwood Circle is named for the majestic black cottonwoods that line Whychus Creek at several Land Trust Preserves.

Today, cottonwoods are rare in their distribution across Central Oregon. It is this rarity, like the volunteers who team up with us for 10 or more years, that inspires us to honor and revere these special trees and special people that are integral to a healthy landscape, a healthy land trust, a healthy community, and a healthy future.

Cottonwood Circle volunteers are incredibly dedicated people who have made an outstanding contribution to the Land Trust and to conserving and caring for the lands and waters of Central Oregon. Our community is truly a better place because of their efforts, both now and into the future.

To celebrate this accomplishment, we launched the Cottonwood Circle and recognized these volunteers at our annual Open House and with a commemorative patch.

2023 Cottonwood Circle Inductees:
Marilyn Bertran
Debra Coss
Mike Cutting
Danielle Lordi
Dick Malone
Glenn Willard

2022 Cottonwood Circle Inductees:
Ned Austin
Gus Gustafson
Kathy Johnson
Mary Lefevre
Bruce Livingston

2021 Cottonwood Circle Inductees:
Ginny Elliott
Derek Loeb
Daniele McKay
Carol Moorehead
Mary Yanalcanlin

2020 Cottonwood Circle Inductees:
Kathy Johnson
Kris Kristovich
Jim Nicol

2018-2019 Cottonwood Circle Inductees:
Kristan Collins
Scott Collins
Joanne Mathews
Jane Meissner
David Miller
Leslie Olson
Jan Rising
Dick Tipton

2017-2018 Cottonwood Circle Inductees:
Bob Barss
Pat Kearney
Spencer Krueger
Richard Seiple

2016-2017 Cottonwood Circle Inductees:

Cal Allen
Karen Allen
Jim Anderson
Sue Anderson
Tom Atkins
Gayle Baker
Rod Bonacker
Bruce Bowen
Robert Brunoe
Mary Campbell
John Casey
Judy Clinton
Lloyd Corliss
Mary Crow
Bill Dakin
Gretchen Dakin
Elke Dortmund
Byron Dudley
Eva Eagle
Paul Edgerton
Win Francis
Dwain Fullerton
Norma Funai
John Gerke
Anne Gerke
Kent Gill

Lois Gill
Jim Hammond
Collins Hemingway
Paula Johnson
Kit Korish
Mary Krenowicz
Martha Lussenhop
Jay Mather
Bill Mitchell
Paul MacMillan
Barbara MacMillan
Heidi Nichols
Jerry Norquist
Joyce Padgham
Maret Pajutee
Barb Rumer
Jake Schas
Pete Schay
Magda Schay
Linda Shaw
Rick Thomas
Carol Wall
Larry Weinberg
Bruce White
M.A. Willson
Martin Winch
Bob Woodward

Thank you for choosing the Land Trust's work and for dedicating so much of yourself over the years!

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