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Welcome to Trusting the Land--musings on land and place in Central Oregon. Featuring staff and volunteers from the Deschutes Land Trust.

Butterflies of Central Oregon and their host plants

Jun 23, 2022
Warmer weather and blooming flowers bring out a wide variety of butterflies making them easy to spot and watch. It’s the bright colors that catch many people’s eye, but did you know that all butterflies are also deeply connected to the land around them?

Pollinator Plants to Grow

Jun 20, 2022
This week is National Pollinator Week--a week to celebrate these critical critters and do what we can to help them. One great way to help boost the number of native pollinators we have in Central Oregon is by adding some native, pollinator-friendly plants to your yard or balcony.

Five Ideas for Summer Fun with Your Kids

Jun 16, 2022
School is officially out for the summer! As you head into the long, slow days of fun in the sun, you might find you need a few ideas for how to get the kids outside connecting with our forests, meadows, rivers, and canyons. Check out our list of ideas.

Spring Wildlife Wanderings

Jun 06, 2022
From a family of cougars to river otters to a beaver couple, enjoy the latest slideshow of wildlife photos and videos from Land Trust Preserves and beyond!

Digging into Indigenous History for History Month

May 20, 2022
May is Historic Preservation Month, and as a college history major, a former history museum director, and a current history nerd, this is something I care deeply about. Over the past year, however, my understanding of our nation’s history and my part in it has been transformed.