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Welcome to Trusting the Land--musings on land and place in Central Oregon. Featuring staff and volunteers from the Deschutes Land Trust.

Fire in Central Oregon

Aug 15, 2019
Fire season is a reality in Central Oregon. Learn how human-caused climate change is increasing the threat of smoke and fire in our community.

Central Oregon's Starry Night Sky, Part 1

Aug 05, 2019
Whether you're 7 or 77, there is just something incredible about looking up at the night sky and observing those tiny orbs of light that are so far away from our own planet. Learn more about constellations in Central Oregon's summer sky with our guide.

Bugs in our Waters

Aug 02, 2019
Small bugs in Central Oregon rivers and creeks can make a big impact on how we conserve and protect our lands.

Lilies of summer

Jul 08, 2019
With summer comes the arrival of peak wildflower season! One of the most showy (and dare I say beloved) wildflower families is the lily, or Liliaceae, family. As you are out and about this summer, watch for these native lilies to celebrate the season.

Summer Reading in Central Oregon

Jul 01, 2019
In the heat of summer, nothing brings relief like finding a shady spot to settle in and read a good book. Take a peek at what our staff are reading this summer and the preserves with their favorite reading spots.