Photo: Sean Rea.

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Juniper: Native AND Invasive

Jul 08, 2024
Western junipers can be found throughout Central Oregon and are an iconic tree in our forests and grasslands. But sometimes junipers get a bad rap.

The Great Arctic Returns

May 08, 2024
The great arctic (Oeneis nevadensis) butterfly will be back in abundance this year! Learn more about this beautiful native butterfly.

May Wildflowers in Central Oregon

May 01, 2024
May has arrived, and with it comes a fresh bouquet of wildflowers! From brilliant magenta to yellow speckles and a bit of everything in between, check out what's beginning to bloom this month.

Busy Beavers Are at it Again

Apr 24, 2024
Those busy beavers are at it again! Beavers are known to alter the land and water around them. These changes have a cascading effect on all parts of our natural world.