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Welcome to Trusting the Land--musings on land and place in Central Oregon. Featuring staff and volunteers from the Deschutes Land Trust.

The Striking Truth About Lightning

Aug 13, 2018
Whether you love to watch a good storm roll in or are terrified by the sight of a flash, this guide will help you use good judgment when lightning strikes in the backcountry.

Let's Celebrate Moths!

Jul 23, 2018
It’s National Moth Week! Although moths are often overlooked for their more popular cousin the butterfly, moths are actually quite amazing creatures.

What are Those Blue-Bellied Lizards?

Jul 16, 2018
Along the trails at Deschutes Land Trust Preserves, it is likely that the most commonly seen reptile is the Western Fence Lizard. Learn more about these blue-bellied creatures below.

Banding American Kestrels

Jul 09, 2018
American Kestrels are in decline throughout the United States, which is just one reason the Deschutes Land Trust is working with the American Kestrel Partnership to learn more about these fascinating birds.

The Magic of Milkweed

Jul 06, 2018
Learn more about the amazing plants that monarch butterflies need to survive, including their historic presence in Central Oregon.

Spring Wildlife Wanderings

Jul 02, 2018
We love spring because baby animals are out exploring our Preserves for the first time! Check out the slideshow for some of the wildlife we have seen this spring.