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Welcome to Trusting the Land--musings on land and place in Central Oregon. Featuring staff and volunteers from the Deschutes Land Trust.

Little Boa of the Northwestern Woods

Jul 20, 2017
Broaden your appreciation of the outdoors! Learn more about our native rubber boa--the gentle little boa of the Northwestern woods--from guest blogger and herpetologist, Alan St. John.

The Pygmy Short-Horned Lizard

Jul 05, 2017
Nature writer and reptile specialist, Alan St. John, gives you a glimpse at one of our region's unique cold-blooded critters: the pygmy short-horned lizard.

Ranger report from the rim

May 31, 2017
I assumed the restoration would have an effect on the wildlife but I never expected it to happen so quickly or so profoundly. It’s been less than a year and already wildlife seems to be drawn to the area in increasing numbers.

Thanks to two outstanding volunteers

May 10, 2017
The Land Trust is extremely fortunate to have an army of volunteers who have dedicated many, many hours to conserving and caring for our lands. This month, we wanted to send a special thank you out to two of those volunteers who have given so much over the years.

Ten Facts about Golden Eagles

May 01, 2017
The Land Trust's Aspen Hollow Preserve has a golden eagle nest that is currently being used to raise an eaglet. Learn more about the nests and courtship behavior of these magnificent birds.

Ten Ways to Support Whychus Creek!

Apr 24, 2017
The Land Trust is close to reaching the end of the Campaign for Whychus Creek! Help us raise $350,000 by June 30th by getting involved with the Campaign and supporting Whychus Creek.