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Why do we share our pronouns?

The Deschutes Land Trust is committed to creating an inclusive environment for all those who are dedicated to land conservation.

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The Deschutes Land Trust is committed to fostering a more culturally-responsive, inclusive, and equitable organization. One way we can be a more inclusive organization is by providing the space for people to use their personal pronouns.

Personal pronouns are the words we use in place of our names: he, she, they etc. Using the correct personal pronoun is a way to show respect for that person's gender identity. A person's gender identity may or may not correspond with their assigned sex at birth.  When we don't know someone's gender identity or the pronouns they prefer to use, we might make assumptions based on how they look.

Since the Land Trust wants to make our conservation efforts welcoming and safe for all, we have chosen to include personal pronouns in our email signatures and in other Land Trust communications. Language matters. By sharing our own personal pronouns we can acknowledge and respect the gender identities of all people.

Conservation does not happen in isolation, but instead with the support of our amazing community. Every step the Land Trust can take to build a more inclusive conservation movement makes our work more impactful, meaningful, and effective.

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