Photo: Byron Dudley.

Land Conservation Options

How to conserve your land with the Deschutes Land Trust.

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Because each landowner's circumstances are unique, there are several different options available to you and the Deschutes Land Trust to conserve land in Central Oregon.

1. Land Protection Agreement (aka Conservation Easement):
This is one of the most flexible tools available that leaves the land in private ownership, protects the land permanently and may provide significant tax benefits. A Conservation Easement is a voluntary agreement between a landowner and the Land Trust to preserve certain conservation values of the property. Each agreement is tailored to the specific property and landowner and may apply to all or just a portion of the property and does not require public access.

2. Land Donation:

  • Donate land outright: By donating your land to the Land Trust you can be relieved of management responsibilities while receiving substantial income tax deductions and estate tax benefits. Donated land is also protected in perpetuity for its important conservation values.
  • Donate land by will: Own and control your land during your lifetime, but rest assured that your land will be protected after your death. Please check with the Land Trust prior to choosing this option to be sure we can accept your donation.
  • Donate a remainder interest in land: Donate your land during your lifetime, but continue to live on and use the land. The Land Trust would then gain full title to the land at the time of your death. Again, check with the Land Trust about this option.
  • Donate land that establishes a life income: Establish a charitable gift annuity or charitable remainder unitrust to protect your land. This option is most useful for highly appreciated land where the sale of the land would trigger high capital gains tax. Please check with the Land Trust for more information.

3. Bargain Sale of Land:
To help you realize some income from selling your land but also protect your land permanently, you can make a bargain sale to the Land Trust for less than fair market value. This makes your land more affordable to the Land Trust while providing cash, reduced capital gains liability and a potential charitable income tax deduction to you.

If at any time you have questions about how you can conserve your land, please contact Natasha Bellis, the Land Trust's Conservation Director.