Visit our Preserves

The Land Trust owns and manages four Community Preserves to protect natural resources like forests, streams, and meadows that our community—human and wild—need to survive. We also value our local communities and look for responsible ways to provide access for education and, when possible, low-impact recreation.

The Land Trust owns and manages four Community Preserves for the benefit of local communities. These properties are protected for wildlife habitat but also for community use. Each Preserve is unique in terms of terrain, trails, and available uses. Major Land Trust Preserves include:

See a list of suggested hiking routes at Land Trust Preserves.

Please note: all Preserves are open to the public during daylight hours year-round with limited access in the winter months due to snowfall. Camping, campfires, alcohol and tobacco are prohibited on all Land Trust Preserves. All Preserves are private property owned by Deschutes Land Trust. Your use of the Preserve is conditional upon posted rules. Visitors failing to observe posted rules are trespassing and subject to applicable laws and penalties.

Are there other Land Trust protected lands open to the public?
From time to time, the Land Trust works with private landowners who have protected their land to arrange property tours. Unless there is an official Land Trust outing to those properties, they are not open for visiting. Check out event page for upcoming tours.

Other Frequently Asked Questions:

Can I bring my dog with me hiking at a Land Trust Preserve?
Dogs are allowed on leash at the following properties: Indian Ford Meadow Preserve, the Metolius Preserve, and Whychus Canyon Preserve. Dogs are not allowed at Camp Polk Meadow Preserve. We ask that you observe posted signs regarding dog use. Unfortunately, we cannot allow dogs on our Preserve tours.

Can I ride my horse at a Land Trust Preserve?
Horses are allowed on the Lake Creek Trail at the Metolius Preserve.

Can I ride my bike at a Land Trust Preserve?

Mountain biking is only allowed at the Metolius Preserve.

Can I geocache or letterbox at Land Trust Preserves?
Geocaching is not allowed at Land Trust Preserves.

I love exploring while hiking. Is it ok to go off-trail?
Sorry, no trail-blazing allowed. Hiking or biking off-trail can damage delicate wildlife habitat. We have trails and roads available on all our properties for exploring.

Can I arrange a group tour of your Preserves?
Yes! We encourage educational use of our Preserves. Please see our group visits page to learn more.

Can I use a Land Trust Preserve for commercial purposes?
No, the Land Trust does not allow commercial use of our Preserves. Learn more.

Can I use a Land Trust Preserve for a private event?
No, the Land Trust does not allow private use of our Preserves. Yes, even for your wedding, elopement, memorial, reunion, protest, and other event. Learn more.