Hike Leaders

Mary Yanalcanlin Mary Yanalcanlin

Mary Yanalcanlin is an active member of the East Cascades Audubon Society and a Montessori teacher. She has led kids' hikes with the Land Trust since 2012.

Megan Hill Megan Hill

Megan Hill is a specialist in fisheries of Central Oregon. She leads salmon walks with the Land Trust.

Rod Bonacker Rod Bonacker

Rod Bonacker is a retired special projects coordinator for Deschutes and Ochoco National Forest.

Sue Anderson Sue Anderson

Sue Anderson is happiest when introducing adults and children to nature’s art on the wing. She has led butterfly walks for the Land Trust since 2006.

Kathleen Riopelle Kathleen Riopelle

Kathleen Riopelle is a master naturalist in multiple states and loves connecting with the land.

Peter Cooper Peter Cooper

Peter Cooper is a kayaker, mountain biker, and keeps Land Trust Preserves in tip-top shape as the Stewardship Associate.

Ben Ward Ben Ward

Ben Ward is a rock-climber, trail runner, fly-fisherperson, and field biologist who truly spends most of his time outside.

Cara Frank Cara Frank

Cara Frank is a local adaptive outdoor instructor and loves backpacking, cycling, and spending time outside with her pup.

Mike Sigler Mike Sigler

Mike Sigler is a retired marine biologist with a love for the outdoors and sharing it with others.

Michelle Abbey Michelle Abbey

Michelle Abbey is a Certified Forest Bathing Guide who loves the outdoors and sharing it with others.

Sara Rose Sara Rose

Sara Rose is a biologist for the Northwestern Bat Hub at OSU Cascades.

Michele McKay Michele McKay

Michele McKay has a passion for nature, natural history, wildness, and conservation.

Chelsea Ernst Chelsea Ernst

Chelsea is an experiential educator with a special fondness for plants and their roles in ecosystems.

Tom Wainwright Tom Wainwright

Tom Wainwright is a naturalist and volunteer for the Deschutes Land Trust.

Jan Hodgers Jan Hodgers

Jan is a volunteer at Camp Polk Meadow Preserve and a direct descendant of some of the first settlers in Central Oregon.

Jason Grant Jason Grant

Jason Grant is the Land Trust's restoration specialist.

Natasha Bellis Natasha Bellis

Natasha Bellis is the Deschutes Land Trust’s Conservation Director.

Rika Ayotte Rika Ayotte

Rika Ayotte is the Deschutes Land Trust’s Executive Director.

Becky Burchell Becky Burchell

Becky Burchell is a specialist in fisheries of Central Oregon. She leads fish walks for the Land Trust.

Christian Murillo Christian Murillo

Christian Murillo is a professional photographer with 15+ years of photography experience.