Photo: Wasim Muklashy.

Geology of Central Oregon's Cascades

Jan 29, 2015 by Deschutes Land Trust
Geologist Daniele McKay presented our January Nature Night on the Geology of Central Oregon's Cascades. Enjoy the slides from her presentation and find her suggested resources to learn more about our region's geology.

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Thanks to those of you who came out to our January 28th Nature Night on the Geology of Central Oregon's Cascades! It was a great presentation thanks to our fabulous presenter Daniele McKay!

Enjoy the slides from Daniele's presentation below and continue on for additional geology resources recommended by Daniele. If you had questions that weren't answered at the presentation, be sure to post them on our Facebook page and Daniele will help us answer them.

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Additional geology resources suggested by Daniele:

Detailed dates for deposits in the Three Sisters area (in as far as we know them).

Fire Mountains of the West: The Cascade And Mono Lake Volcanoes by Stephen L. Harris. Mountain Press Publishing Company, 2005.

In Search of Ancient Oregon: A Geological and Natural History by Ellen Morris Bishop. Portland, Or.: Timber, 2003.

Map: USGS Geologic Map of Three Sisters Volcanic Cluster, Cascade Range, Oregon.

Living Mountains: How and Why Volcanoes Erupt by Jacques Kornprobst and Christine Laverne. Mountain Press, 2006.

Living with Thunder: Exploring the Geologic Past, Present, and Future of Pacific Northwest Landscapes by Ellen Morris Bishop. Oregon State University Press, 2014.

Roadside Geology of Oregon, 2nd Edition by Marli Miller. Mountain Press Publishing Company, 2014.

Daniele McKay studies volcanoes and teaches geology courses at Oregon State University-Cascade. She graduated with a PhD in geology from the University of Oregon in 2012, where she studied recent volcanic eruptions in the Cascades. Much of this research involved mapping ash deposits produced by cinder cones in Central Oregon and comparing them to similar eruptions in Iceland, Mexico, and other parts of the world.

In addition to teaching geology, Daniele likes playing in the volcanic landscapes of the Cascades, particularly when they are covered with snow. She also enjoys rating the rivers of the west, expanding her culinary repertoire, and exploring any parts of the globe she is lucky enough to travel to.