Photo: Wasim Muklashy.

Lichens -- The extreme fungi with Daphne Stone

Mar 04, 2016 by Deschutes Land Trust
Lichenologist Daphne Stone presented our February Nature Night on Lichens -- The extreme fungi. Enjoy slides from her presentation and find her suggested resources to learn more about lichens in the Pacific Northwest.

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Thanks to those of you who came out to our February 24th Nature Night on Lichens -- The extreme fungi! It was a great presentation full of fascinating information from lichenologist Daphne Stone.

Enjoy the slides from Daphne's presentation below. Then, scroll down for Daphne's list of resources on Pacific Northwest lichens.

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Additional resources:

Check out this webpage that includes a forum where you can ask lichenologists questions about lichens you are seeing in the Northwest:

Field guide: Macrolichens of the Pacific Northwest, 2nd ed., Bruce McCune and Linda Geiser.

Lichens of North America, by Irwin M. Brodo, Ms. Sylvia Duran Sharnoff, Stephen Sharnoff.

About Daphne Stone:
Daphne Stone has been studying lichens, bryophytes and fungi in the northwest for 40 years. She holds a PhD in ecology from the University of Oregon and is the founder of Stone Ecosurveys, a small business that specializes in lichen and other ecological surveys. Daphne works with a variety of agencies and organizations around the world to further interest, knowledge and protection of lichens. Her work with the Forest Service has helped use lichens to monitor air quality. Daphne is the president of Northwest Lichenologists and is an expert on the lichen genus Leptogium.