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Building a Fairy House

Where do fairies live? In a house, of course! Learn how to build a fairy house in 3 easy steps!

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By Jana Hemphill

Where do fairies live? In a house, of course! What do their houses look like and where is the best place to build one? You and the little ones in your life can build a fairy house in just 3 easy steps!

1. Find a good place for a fairy to live. In order to build a fairy house, you’ll need to find a good location first. Fairies are very secretive, so a place that is quiet and hidden works best. If you can find a spot with low branches, that is great. Fairy houses also work well at the base of trees, against stumps, and low to the ground.

2. Collect materials to use for building the fairy house. Fairies like natural materials best—no glitter, plastic, or metal. Do not use living items for your fairy house either (like fresh flowers, twigs or bark still attached to trees, and fresh grasses). Some ideas of great building materials include pine cones, twigs found on the ground, rocks, bird feathers, dry grasses, pine needles, discarded bark, and dry flowers.

3. Start to build your fairy house. Make sure the house is small, fit for a fairy. If it’s too big, then other creatures will want to live there instead! If you want to build a path to the fairy house, that is also a nice touch.

Once your fairy house has been built, it’s time to let the fairies move in! I’m sure they are very happy that you have made a beautiful house for them.

For fairy house ideas, click on the photos below, then click the play button in the upper right for a slideshow.

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