Tips for making your own holiday wreath

Dec 09, 2019
Learn how to make your own holiday wreath with these six easy steps!

Feeling crafty and want to avoid buying an over-priced holiday decoration? Try your hand at wreath making! Land Trust wreath guru Ginny Elliott offers these six easy steps on how to tackle this classic holiday decor.

Gather your supplies and make your own holiday wreath! Photo: Land Trust.
Gather your supplies and make your own holiday wreath! Photo: Land Trust.
Required supplies:

  1. Hoop: made of wire, willow or vine. You can buy these at craft stores, or find old ones to recycle from resale stores.
  2. Wire: you will need flexible wire to wrap your branches onto your wreath hoop. Lots of options can be found at local hardware stores. Bonus points for buying the green colored wire!
  3. Clippers: you will need some clippers to cut your greenery. Invest in some if you don’t have them, because your kitchen scissors won’t cut it!
  4. Greenery: branches from your Christmas tree, yard trees (pine, juniper or fir), herbs, sticks…you name it and you can wreath it up!

Extra credit supplies:

  1. Gloves: save your hands from pokes and pitch.
  2. Embellishments: ribbon, berries, pine cones….bling it up as you like!

Wreath making, step-by-step:

  1. First, wrap wire around hoop a couple of times to secure it to the hoop. Note: it helps to cut a couple of feet of wire from your spool and wrap it around an old pencil or stick. This will help you pull the wire tight as you make the wreath.

  2. Cut greens and make a small bundle. There is no rule on how big or small the bundle needs to be. Just be consistent as you work around the wreath.

  3. Lay bundle on the hoop and secure it with 2 or 3 wraps of the wire. Wrap the wire tight enough to hold it but not so tight you cut the greens.

  4. Make another bundle and lay it on the hoop so it covers the wrapping on the first bundle. Wrap the wire to secure it.

  5. Continue adding bundles until you make it around the entire hoop.

  6. Add ribbon or embellishments as you wish. Hang or display with pride!

Last, but not least:
After the holidays, don’t trash that hoop and wreath! Clip off the branches and wrap up the wire and save it for next year.

Special thanks to Ginny Elliott for her expert wreath making skills, photos, and time!