Photo: Mike Putnam.

Saving Skyline Forest Recap

May 06, 2022 by Jana Hemphill
Executive director Rika Ayotte gave a virtual presentation on the Land Trust's efforts to save Skyline Forest. Watch a recording of the event and find out more details about what the Land Trust is working on right now.

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Thanks to those of you who tuned in to our May 5th virtual event on Saving Skyline Forest. The Land Trust's executive director Rika Ayotte was able to provide a thorough look at the Land Trust's efforts to protect this iconic forest in Central Oregon. If you missed it or would like to see parts of it again, you can watch a recording of her presentation below.

Rika began by giving a brief history of Skyline Forest, starting in 1988. This included some discussion on two recent wildfires that have burned a large amount of the timber in Skyline Forest. She then focused on the importance of Skyline Forest not only for our community, but for wildlife habitat and protection against wildfire danger. Next, Rika talked about what we need to save Skyline Forest. She highlighted what we already have and what we still need to get. Rika then shared what the Land Trust is currently doing to save Skyline Forest and offered a few ways that you can get involved in saving Skyline Forest.


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