Photo: Joan Amero.

Pro Tips for Walk + Hike Success

Mar 25, 2024 by Sarah Mowry
It's a popular time of year to register for a Land Trust Walk or Hike! Here are a few pro tips on how to navigate our Walks + Hikes most effectively.

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Spring sets off a flurry of activity in our high desert. Birds are busy nesting, bright wildflowers open to the sun, and we all scramble to get outside to enjoy the longer, warmer days.

It's also a popular time of year to join the Land Trust on a Walk or Hike! We love to see all the enthusiasm for our outings and strive to get as many folks as possible on the outings they want. However, since many of our hikes fill up quickly, here are a few pro tips on how to navigate our Walks + Hikes most effectively:

  1. Register early. All Land Trust Walks + Hikes open for registration one month before the outing date. Mark  your calendar and register that morning and you'll have a good chance of getting on the walk or hike.

  2. But, don't over-register. Please, don't over-register or save spots for yourself or others. The Land Trust spends a lot of time canceling folks who register for hikes before they know for sure if they can attend. Help us keep our Walks + Hikes free and open to the public by only registering if and when you know you actually will attend.

  3. Join the waitlist! Speaking of cancellations, we often get cancellations, and many times, we contact the entire waitlist and everyone gets a chance to attend. Although cancellations are hard to plan for, it's always worth putting your name on the waitlist. We work hard to notify folks on the waitlist as soon as we hear about an opening; but keep in mind that many cancellations happen just a day or two before the outing.

  4. Thank your Walk + Hike leader! We are so proud and grateful for our outstanding roster of volunteer Walk + Hike leaders. They give countless hours to make sure you get the best guided hike in Central Oregon. Thank them when you arrive for your outing, and please remember they are volunteers. Be respectful of their time and energy by arriving on time and following instructions. Read more about our Walks + Hikes Leaders here.

  5. Have fun! We know you love Central Oregon and its forests, rivers, and meadows. That’s why our free Walks + Hikes cover everything from beginning birding to butterflies, history to geology, mountain biking to restoration, and more. We keep our group sizes small, so you have opportunities to ask questions and meet new like-minded people. Whether you’re a seasoned outdoor expert or new to Central Oregon, you can always have fun, learn something interesting, and you just might leave with an awesome new friend.

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