Photo: Sean Rea.

Fish habitat gets a boost at Spring Creek

Jul 13, 2014 by , Sarah Mowry
Newly placed logs in Spring Creek improve habitat for fish near the Metolius River.

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Fish habitat just got a boost at Spring Creek, a private Land Trust protected property near the Metolius River. Last week, logs were placed in Spring Creek to provide habitat for spring Chinook salmon, bull trout, redband trout and other native fish. Using salvaged trees from the nearby Green Ridge fire, more than 30 logs were installed to slow water and create deeper pools that protect growing fish.

Huge thanks to the landowners along Spring Creek, including the Livingston and Gallenkamp families, who own the property the Land Trust has protected!

Restoration partners include: the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife, US Forest Service, and Upper Deschutes Watershed Council Thanks for making the Spring Creek restoration possible!

The Land Trust was able to protect the headwaters of Spring Creek in 2011 by working with landowners to create a land preservation agreement to forever conserve their land. Improving fish habitat is a key goal for the property, which provides high quality fish and wildlife habitat in the Metolius Basin.

The Spring Creek property is not publicly accessible but the Land Trust does offer a handful of special tours each year. Visit our events page to learn more.