Photo: Sean Rea.

Spring Creek Plantings

Oct 28, 2015 by
In October, hearty volunteers got their hands dirty and planted more than 300 plants along Spring Creek in Central Oregon.

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During two days in October, volunteers got their hands dirty planting dogwood, willow, alder and other creek-side vegetation to improve wildlife habitat along Spring Creek. The goal of the project is to improve habitat for fish and wildlife that call Spring Creek home.

Creekside shrubs not only help shade the water and keep stream temperatures cool, they also prevent soil from washing away and provide habitat for birds and other wildlife. In 2014, logs were added to the stream to improve in-stream habitat for fish, and plants were planted along the banks of the creek. This year’s plantings were the final step in a two-year restoration effort.

Volunteers were joined by students from Westside Village Magnet School in Bend, and Land Trust staff who helped get plants in the ground and also installed wire cages around the new plantings to protect them from deer and elk. In all, volunteers planted more than 300 plants along the creek! Thank you volunteers!

Spring Creek is a privately owned, Land Trust protected property in Central Oregon near Camp Sherman.

Check out all of their hard work and the finished product below:

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