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Skyline Forest for sale

Nov 06, 2019 by Sarah Mowry
Land Trust continues to work with owners to conserve this 33,000 acre forest.

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With the recent listing of Skyline Forest for sale, the Deschutes Land Trust reaffirmed today its long-term commitment to pursuing conservation options for Skyline Forest. Skyline Forest is a massive 33,000 acre block of land between Bend and Sisters, Oregon.

The Deschutes Land Trust has worked for more than 15 years to conserve Skyline Forest. This 33,000 acre tree farm was historically known as the Bull Springs Tree Farm, and is one of several commercial timberlands in Central Oregon at risk of conversion to residential development. Surrounded by a mix of public and private lands, Skyline Forest contains important wildlife habitat, recreational opportunities, and protects the scenic green foothills that set off the Central Oregon Cascades.

Central Oregonians—local residents, businesses and elected officials—came out in force in 2005 to support the conservation of Skyline Forest as a working community forest, and that broad community support has continued to grow. Likewise, the Deschutes Land Trust remains committed to its vision of establishing Skyline Forest.

“We remain fully committed to the permanent conservation of Skyline Forest for its wildlife, scenic views, and its recreational and educational potential. We've always expected Skyline to be a marathon, not a sprint and we look forward to working with the current owners to share Central Oregon's interest and commitment to conserving Skyline Forest,” said Brad Chalfant, Deschutes Land Trust executive director.

Community members interested in helping protect this amazing resource can donate to the Deschutes Land Trust. Your donation will conserve lands--like Skyline Forest--that Central Oregonians need to thrive now and into the future.

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