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Grandview Fire Update

Jul 21, 2021 by Sarah Mowry
Fire crews are in the process of mopping up the Grandview Fire. Read our latest update from July 21st.

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**July 21st Update**

Fire crews are in the process of mopping up the Grandview Fire. Evacuation orders have now been lifted and we are feeling incredibly fortunate and grateful that firefighters were able to control the spread of the fire and that no structures were lost. We'd like to send a huge note of gratitude to everyone involved in fighting this wildfire, including the crew at Crestline Construction. We'd also like to thank our Preserve neighbors—many of whom experienced evacuation levels 1-3 during the wildfire—who came together with the Land Trust to share communications over the past 10 days.

With the lifting of all evacuation orders on Monday, the Land Trust's Indian Ford Meadow Preserve, Camp Polk Meadow Preserve, and Whychus Canyon Preserve are now open.

July 16th Update
Last Sunday July 11th the Grandview Fire started burning northwest of Sisters on lands protected by Oregon Department of Forestry and on the Crooked River National Grassland. As of July 15th, the Grandview Fire 5,971 acres and is 20% contained. The cause of the fire is under investigation. Since the fire is very close to several Land Trust Preserves, we wanted to share an update on what the Land Trust is doing to support firefighting efforts and to manage fire impacts on our Preserves.

Since July 12th, the southern boundary of the fire has been burning toward and periodically entering Rimrock Ranch. Two weeks prior to the fires starting, the Land Trust and our restoration partners had begun a major stream restoration project at Rimrock Ranch which meant that there was extensive equipment (excavators, bulldozers, dump trucks, water trucks), fuel, and large piles of trees staged there. When Level 3 evacuation notices were issued for Rimrock Ranch on July 12th, all residents and contractors from Crestline Construction were evacuated from Rimrock.

On July 12th when the fire entered the northern portion of Rimrock Ranch, firefighters were able to get a line in place to stop further spread, but the fire continued to grow toward Whychus Creek on the northeast side of the property and was threatening to cross the creek. On July 13th, through cooperation with Crestline Construction, the Watershed Council and Land Trust were able to redirect the heavy equipment located at Rimrock Ranch to firefighting efforts and Crestline operators were deputized to join the fire team. The Land Trust is incredibly grateful and lucky to have access to their operators and equipment at Rimrock, particularly in a year in which fire managers are finding resources stretched incredibly thin.

Today, through the efforts of Oregon Department of Forestry, the Forest Service, and local fire units, there is positive progress at Rimrock Ranch and all along the fire perimeter. There continues to be dozens of crews, air support, bulldozers, water trucks, and other equipment in the area and spot fires are being controlled around Whychus Creek. Overall, fire lines are holding and fire teams are hopeful that the spread has been controlled in the direction of our protected lands. While scary, this fire has served as a reminder for just how much Land Trust lands continue to be impacted by climate change. Firefighters shared that fire behavior and conditions on the Grandview Fire and others across the Pacific Northwest is unlike anything they have ever seen.

As the Land Trust continues to monitor the progress of the fire around Rimrock Ranch, we are also watching where the fire has threatened the homes of many of our neighbors and supporters. We know our fire teams are doing everything in their power to protect the homes of residents. We remain hopeful that no structures will be lost and that the spread of the fire will soon be contained.

To help firefighting efforts, please remember that several Land Trust Preserves are currently closed to the public: Indian Ford Meadow Preserve, Camp Polk Meadow Preserve, and Whychus Canyon Preserve. Thanks for respecting the closure and staying out of the area.

We will keep you posted as we know more!

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