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Land Trust Recognizes Outstanding Volunteers

Nov 05, 2022 by Jana Hemphill
The Land Trust hosted a volunteer event at the end of October to thank and recognize our amazing pool of volunteers.

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The Land Trust hosted a volunteer event at the end of October to thank and recognize our amazing pool of volunteers. We are so lucky to have more than 200 volunteers who are dedicated to conserving and caring for land and sharing our work with other Central Oregonians.

Land Trust volunteers lend a hand in so many different ways indoors and out! This year (so far!) they donated 3,730 hours in the office or out at our Preserves. Wow! Huge thanks to all those volunteers for helping with:

  • Office projects: Thank you for helping with mailings, cutting butterfly wings, stuffing envelopes with milkweed seeds, writing blog posts, and so much more!
  • Work parties: Thank you for removing barb wire, flagging tape, and fence posts. Planting grasses, wildflowers, and willows. Volunteer put in 348 (so far!) hours helping out at work parties this year!
  • Bird Surveying: Thank you to our hardy birders who document our feathered friends on our conserved lands. We all appreciate reports from our bird surveyors about the latest activities of an assortment of birds; from big, bold golden eagles down to tiny canyon wrens!
  • Trail Ambassadors: Thank you for welcoming folks to our Preserves, being there to answer questions with a smile, and helping be our team on the ground, letting us know what’s happening!
  • Trail Stewards: Thank you for raking, weeding, pulling, and lopping! Your efforts keep our trails in excellent shape!
  • Photographers: Thank you for keeping us inspired with beautiful photos of our protected lands. Your work helps us show why land conservation is important!
  • Hike Leaders: Thank you for being the face of the Land Trust and for leading all our free walks and hikes each year! We are consistently amazed by your knowledge and skill!
  • Hike Shepherds: Thank you for keeping our hikes together, enriching outings with your natural history knowledge, and keeping everyone--whether 5 or 50 years old—on the trail and back to the trailhead safely!
  • Weed Warriors: Thank you for being fearless in the face of invasive weeds. You fight one of the toughest battles, but your efforts are truly helping native plants and wildlife thrive!
  • All other volunteers: Whether your donated 1 hour or 100, thank you for giving your time! We know it is a precious commodity and we thank you for your dedication to conserving and caring for the lands and waters of Central Oregon!



Cottonwood Circle

The Deschutes Land Trust is pleased to announce five new inductees into the Cottonwood Circle. The Cottonwood Circle is an elite group of individuals who have volunteered for 10 or more years with the Land Trust. The Cottonwood Circle is named for the majestic black cottonwoods that line Whychus Creek at several Land Trust Preserves.

Today, cottonwoods are rare in their distribution across Central Oregon. It is this rarity, like the volunteers who stick with us for 10 or more years, that inspires us to honor and revere these special trees and special people that are integral to a healthy landscape, a healthy land trust, and a healthy future. This year's Cottonwood Circle inductees are Ned Austin, Gus Gustafson, Kathy Johnson, Mary Lefevre, and Bruce Livingston.

We are so pleased to welcome you all to the Cottonwood Circle! Thank you for choosing the Land Trust and for dedicating so much of yourself over the years!

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