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Stewardship Collective Awarded $6.25 Million Grant

Mar 07, 2022 by Jana Hemphill
The Land Trust is part of a stewardship collective that was recently awarded $6.25 million by the Oregon Department of Forestry.

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The Deschutes Land Trust is part of a stewardship collective in Central Oregon that was recently awarded a $6.25 million grant by the Oregon Department of Forestry. The Central Oregon Shared Stewardship Landscape Resiliency Project (COSSLRP) is comprised of government agencies, nonprofits, and other large landowners. Their shared goal is to reduce wildfire danger in our forests on more than 52,000 acres of land in Central Oregon.

Thanks to this funding, small diameter juniper thinning will occur this year at four Land Trust Preserves: Aspen Hollow Preserve, Rimrock Ranch, Whychus Canyon Preserve, and Willow Springs Preserve. This forest restoration work will not only help reduce wildfire danger at our Preserves and for our nearby neighbors; it will also mimic historic forest conditions and improve habitat for wildlife. Wherever possible, we will use the cut juniper for upcoming stream restoration projects. Otherwise, it will be piled, left to dry, then burned next year, as weather conditions allow.

In addition, the Land Trust will be battling invasive grasses like medusahead rye and cheatgrass at Rimrock Ranch, specifically in fire-prone areas of the property. Afterwards, a native seed mix will be spread across the area in order to give our native plants a leg up on the competition.

Stay tuned for updates as this project progresses!


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