Photo: Jason McPheeters.

Accessibility Improvements Underway at Camp Polk Meadow Preserve

Apr 05, 2023 by Jana Hemphill
The Land Trust is working on creating a Camp Polk Meadow Preserve that is a more friendly and accessible place for all of our community members to visit. The Preserve will be closed during construction.

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The Land Trust has been working behind the scenes on improving accessibility at Camp Polk Meadow Preserve, and our efforts are now coming to fruition! After discussion with community members to learn more about how we can improve their accessibility and experience at Land Trust Preserves and working with a consultant on this same topic, we are updating Camp Polk Meadow Preserve so that is a more friendly place for all of our community members to visit.

Improvements in the Hindman Springs portion of Camp Polk Meadow Preserve include:

  • Parking lot improvements. The parking lot will be resurfaced and graded to match our trails and to better accommodate all Preserve visitors. We will also be installing an accessible portable toilet that is closer to the road.
  • Trail resurfacing and grading. A large portion of our work will be resurfacing and grading the trail at Camp Polk Meadow Preserve. We will be adding a special trail mix blend that compacts better and is easier to navigate with wheelchairs, walkers, and other wheeled devices.
  • Trail consistency. The trail will also be widened in some spots so that it is consistent throughout. Work will go into the transitions between the trail and bridges at the Preserve to help ease the passage of differently sized wheels.
  • Fence repair. The Land Trust will also be repairing the perimeter fence at the Preserve. It will remain a wildlife-friendly type of fencing, using materials from previous projects.
  • Spur trail creation. Finally, a spur trail into the Hindman barn will also be developed, allowing visitors to access one of the oldest structures in Deschutes County and to learn more through an interpretive sign.

The Land Trust is hoping to have this work done by May 15th and the Preserve will be closed to visitor access during this time. To stay updated on when the work and Preserve closures, please follow the Land Trust on our social media: Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. While the Preserve is closed, we recommend visiting the nearby Indian Ford Meadow Preserve instead!

Special thanks: A big thank you to the Roundhouse Foundation for helping make this project possible. We'd also like to thank the individuals that gave their time in helping us better understand how we can improve their visitor experience, Empowering Access, and the Sisters Trail Alliance for their knowledge and insight into trail surface types.


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