Photo: Land Trust.

Beaver Activity at Ochoco Preserve

Nov 07, 2023 by Jana Hemphill
The Land Trust is excited to share some signs of recent beaver activity in the restoration area of Ochoco Preserve!

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We're excited to share that we've recently noticed there is a busy beaver or two out at Ochoco Preserve!

With the first phase of restoration work at Ochoco Preserve in 2022, we created a new meandering McKay Creek with side channels. This year, we let nature take center stage, resting and recovering. Significant beaver activity shows that nature is indeed at work!

This beaver activity—in the form of new beaver-built structures and fresh beaver chew marks—is taking place in two sections of McKay Creek. This activity is helping slow the water in McKay Creek, improving habitat for fish and wildlife. We're also happy to report that a lot of willows from last year's plantings are coming up throughout the restoration area, providing plenty of material for the beavers to work with in the future.

We look forward to keeping an eye on this beaver activity to see how this key wildlife species continues to help evolve and change the creek and vegetation over time!


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