Photo: Land Trust.

The Source Weekly reports on fall migrations, including monarch butterflies at Deschutes Land Trust Preserves

Sep 27, 2023 by Mo Odell
Monarchs have been spotted during fall migrations at several of Deschutes Land Trust's Preserves in Central Oregon.

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By Damian Fagan
Source Weekly

"During fall western monarch migration, folks may see them nectaring on late-season blooms like rabbitbrush and goldenrod or soaring over river corridors, like the Deschutes River or Whychus Creek," said Amanda Egertson, Deschutes Land Trust's stewardship director. "We've spotted them in past years flying through the Deschutes Land Trust's Camp Polk Meadow and Whychus Canyon Preserves, so those are good spots to try to catch a glimpse of one."


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