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Tom Montag Joins Board of Directors

Jul 09, 2023 by Sarah Mowry
The Land Trust is pleased to welcome Tom Montag to our Board of Directors.

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The Land Trust is pleased to welcome Tom Montag to the Land Trust’s Board of Directors. He brings unique skills, expertise, and passion for conserving and caring land in Central Oregon to the Land Trust.

Tom Montag is a native Oregonian. His passion for land conservation stems from his love of Central Oregon, where he developed an appreciation for the state's natural beauty. Tom currently serves as the CEO of Rubicon Carbon where he helps the world's largest organizations navigate the carbon markets with confidence. Prior to Rubicon Carbon, Montag held executive positions at Bank of America, Goldman Sachs, and Merrill Lynch, bringing more than 20 years of financial markets experience to the table. He is dedicated to serving his community is excited to contribute his expertise to promote land conservation efforts in Oregon.

“The Land Trust is incredibly excited to welcome Tom to our board where he will work alongside the dedicated and passionate leaders of our organization,” said executive director, Rika Ayotte. “Tom has been one of our biggest supporters and champions over the years and we are looking forward to increasing the pace and scale of our conservation efforts with the help of his experience, insight, and leadership.”


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