Photo: Sean Rea.

The Nugget reports on ongoing stream restoration at Willow Springs Preserve

Apr 04, 2024 by Mo Odell
As interest in watershed restoration and bringing salmon and steelhead back to our mountain rivers has increased, some organizations have found a novel way to address both issues.

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By Maret Pajutee
The Nugget

The Upper Deschutes Watershed Council has been working with the Oregon Department of Forestry, and subdivisions around Sisters, to remove small juniper trees which have increased with historic and current fire suppression.Small trees can act as ladder fuels that carry fire upwards into forest canopies.

Luckily, one person's hazard can become a habitat building block to create sturdy stream structures that mimic the effects of beaver dams and wood accumulation, this time at the Deschutes Land Trust's Willow Springs Preserve on lower Whychus Creek.