Photo: Sean Rea.

The Madras Pioneer reports on Butterflies at the Metolius Preserve

Jun 19, 2024 by Mo Odell
The Trust sponsors guided hikes and walks for the public, including a geology wander, wildflower hike, plant hike, native bee walk and butterfly walk.

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By Marilyn Clark
The Pioneer

A recent butterfly walk from the North trailhead was an easy 1-2 mile walk on relatively flat ground, on a trail that meandered among the Doug Fir, Western Larch, Ponderosa pine, wildflowers, meadows and over a footbridge of the north fork of Lake Creek.

It turns out that this section of forest is a hotspot for butterflies and is home to more than 50 species of butterflies. Due to their nature, not all are visible in one visit as some hatch later in the season.