Central Oregon Wildlife

From large mammals like bears and cougars to tiny hummingbirds and butterflies, the diversity of of wildlife in Central Oregon is amazing. Learn more about the wildlife of our region--and at Land Trust Preserves--in the blog posts below.

Benefits of Beaver

Nov 05, 2019
It's no mystery that beavers are important to Central Oregon and the Pacific Northwest. But, did you know beaver build important habitat for fish, birds, and other species?

Searching for Chinook

Sep 09, 2019
Last month, the Land Trust's Jana Hemphill went out to the Whychus Canyon Preserve restoration area to look for Chinook salmon.

Bugs in our Waters

Aug 02, 2019
Small bugs in Central Oregon rivers and creeks can make a big impact on how we conserve and protect our lands.

Butterflies Abound at Skyline Forest

Jul 09, 2019
The summer sun has Skyline Forest all abuzz. During a recent Land Trust hike, visitors stumbled upon thousands of butterfly caterpillars and chrysalides. This past week, they filled the skies with orange!