Hike Leaders

Sue Anderson

Sue Anderson has been involved with just about every natural history happening in Central Oregon for many years. She specializes in butterflies

Mary Crow

Mary Crow has been hiking and skiing the Cascades throughout her life. Taking care of this land, and helping people understand why we must all become good stewards our environment is now Mary's primary focus.

Carol Wall

Carol Wall taught cultural anthropology and linguistics for many years at the University of California, Davis where she was a professor as well as a dean and vice chancellor.

Daniele McKay

Daniele McKay is a geologist who studies recent volcanic activity in Central Oregon and teaches at OSU-Cascades.

Carol Moorehead

Carol Moorehead's love of the natural world began with a college Alpine Biology class set in the Washington Cascades.

Derek Loeb

Derek Loeb is a retired geophysicist with 26 years of experience in petroleum exploration and production.

Jan Rising

Jan Rising is actively involved with the East Cascades Audubon Society and has been assisting with Land trust Bird Walks at Camp Polk and Indian Ford meadows since 2012.

David Miller

David Miller is a retired electrician whose hobbies include classic guitar, writing fiction, and the study of native plants.

Kelly Madden

Kelly Madden is a retired english and french teacher that now puts those skills to use to read and understand the landscape.

Leslie Olson

Leslie Olson is a long-time resident of Bend and also leads for Bend Parks and Recreation.

Ginny Elliott

Ginny Elliott grew up exploring the gold rush country in the foothills of the Sierras in California.

Bill Mitchell

Bill Mitchell is a certified Oregon Master Naturalist and a former field researcher for the State of California and National Park Service.

Jane Meissner

Jane Meissner is a certified Oregon Master Naturalist who taught hiking, skiing, and snowshoeing for COCC.

Mary Yanalcanlin

Mary Yanalcanlin is an active member of the East Cascades Audubon Society and a Montessori teacher.

Gary Gustafson

Gary is a certified Oregon Master Naturalist who enjoys beginning each day at home with a walk along the nearby Metolius River.

Jim Hammond

Jim is a retired physicist and has been interested in astronomy since he watched, at a very young age, his father build a telescope.

Rebecca Brown-Thompson

Rebecca Brown-Thompson is a founding member of the American Society of Botanical Artists and she travels the world drawing plants in their native habitats.

Eva Eagle

Eva Eagle has lived in Central Oregon since 2002, giving up life in the city to enjoy stewarding 40 acres near Sisters.

Martha Lussenhop

Martha Lussenhop moved to Sisters in 2005 after dreaming of living in the mountains of the West for decades.

Kolby Kirk

Kolby Kirk's passion for the outdoors inspired him to become an Oregon Master Naturalist in 2012.