2015 Blog posts

A day in the life of a squirrel

It's squirrel appreciation day and to celebrate, we're bringing you a glimpse into the life of a grey squirrel who lives at Camp Polk Meadow Preserve.

High water at Camp Polk Meadow Preserve

The recent Whychus Creek flood created one of the biggest high water events we've seen in recent years. Learn more about what caused it and why it's good for Camp Polk Meadow Preserve.

Geology of Central Oregon's Cascades

Geologist Daniele McKay presented our January Nature Night on the Geology of Central Oregon's Cascades. Enjoy the slides from her presentation and find her suggested resources to learn more about our region's geology.

Dragonflies and damselflies with Celeste Searles Mazzacano

Entomologist Celeste Searles Mazzacano presented our February Nature Night on Oregon's dragonflies and damselflies. Enjoy slides from her presentation and find her suggested resources to learn more about these fascinating insects in our region.

Nature Night recap: the benefits of beavers

The Land Trust's final 2015 Nature Night featured Suzanne Fouty talking about beavers and the ways they--and other natural partners--contribute to habitat and water security. Read on for more information on the talk and for an OPB audio postcard from the follow-up field trip.

Spring is for wildflowers

Spring in the high desert is a tentative thing: sun and warm temperatures one day followed by snow the next. The only sure sign that spring is really here is the arrival of wildflowers at our Preserves.

In Memoriam: Bruce White

It’s with great sadness, the Land Trust notes the passing of Bruce White. Bruce was one of the Land Trust's founders and will be greatly missed.

Whychus Canyon Preserve Addition

As we prepare for the May 30th Dedication of the new portion of Whychus Canyon Preserve, learn a little more about the addition and how it adds up to a better future for Central Oregon.

Twenty Year Challenge

The Land Trust is turning 20! Celebrate our 20th year by challenging yourself to accomplish 20 things on this list.

Featured hike: The Lake Creek Trail

July and August are great summer months for hiking the high country in Central Oregon. The Cascades offer respite from the high desert heat and stunning scenery certainly makes the hike worthwhile. But if you’re looking for something a little different, a little less crowded, a little less known: look toward the foothills.

Brad Chalfant reflects on 20 years of land conservation

Wow, has it really been 20 years? When I think about it, I have to admit that some days it feels like just yesterday, while at other times, it feels like a lifetime ago. The truth is that when we founded the Land Trust back in the summer of 1995, we really didn't know what to expect.

Fall colors light up Central Oregon

It is that time of year again. Time to find the warm layers packed away last spring, listen to the crickets chirp a little slower, and to find your favorite place in Central Oregon to enjoy the brilliant displays of color nature provides throughout the fall season.

Celebrating our community

As the Land Trust marks 20 years of land conservation, we celebrate the community of supporters who make it all possible.

Sharing the vision for Whychus Creek

Catherine and Marty Morrow spend much of their time these days on a fire lookout in eastern Oregon. Their roots, however, are in Central Oregon and with the Land Trust. "Our favorite project has been the restoration of Whychus Creek and the dream to restore fish runs . . ."