2016 Blog Posts

10 quick facts about salmon

How many species of Pacific salmon are there? Which species of salmon is the largest? Brush up on your salmon knowledge before January's Nature Night!

Salmon in the Deschutes with Don Ratliff

Retired fisheries biologist Don Ratliff presented our January Nature Night on Salmon in the Deschutes. Enjoy slides from his presentation and find his suggested resources to learn more about salmon, steelhead and the Deschutes River.

A closer look at snowflakes

If you have ever grappled with graupel or had a stellar view of a few stellars, you'll want to read this blog post about snow!

Five fun facts about lichen

Lichens are unique for a variety of reasons, and some are considered to be the oldest living organisms on the planet.

Lichens -- The extreme fungi with Daphne Stone

Lichenologist Daphne Stone presented our February Nature Night on Lichens -- The extreme fungi. Enjoy slides from her presentation and find her suggested resources to learn more about lichens in the Pacific Northwest.

Envisioning the future of Rimrock Ranch

Back in 2006, the Land Trust proudly announced the conservation of a beautiful piece of land on Whychus Creek called Rimrock Ranch. Its owners, Bob and Gayle Baker, had just signed an agreement with the Land Trust to protect their land forever.

The life and times of Stella the steelhead

The Land Trust is thrilled to announce that we’ve had our first adult steelhead return to Camp Polk Meadow Preserve! Biologists found the radio-tagged adult female at the end of March in the portion of Whychus Creek that runs through the Preserve. She is the first adult steelhead to return to the meadow in 52 years!

Voices for Whychus Creek

The support of our members is vital to the Campaign's success. Long-time member MA Willson shares why she supports the Campaign for Whychus Creek.

Upper Deschutes: The Forgotten Miles

Brad Chalfant comments on the current state of the upper Deschutes River and encourages the community to attend an upcoming presentation on May 2nd.

Wildflower watching

I have a problem. I’ll admit it. Come wildflower season, I can’t help but need to know what is blooming where. I seek out answers near and far, peppering Land Trust volunteers and staff any time they are out and about with, “What’s blooming?”

Spring is for the birds

As spring comes to Central Oregon we all feel the itch to get outside and soak in the warmth of the sun and the green of new leaves. Migrating birds are also enticed to return to Central Oregon each spring. Here are a few places to watch and learn the art of birding.

Monarchs and Milkweed

Monarch butterfly populations have been dwindling across the Americas. Here's what the Land Trust is doing to bring them back to Central Oregon.

The great arctic returns

The great arctic (Oeneis nevadensis) butterfly is back and has been spotted at the Metolius Preserve!

Spring and summer in the wild

Land Trust volunteer photographers and wildlife cams have captured a great collection of wildlife photos throughout the spring and early summer.

PGE Fisheries Conference

Natasha Bellis reports on attending the Pelton Round Butte Project Fisheries Workshop and salmon reintroduction.