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2018 Blog Posts

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The Secret Lives of Bats The Secret Lives of Bats

To get ready for our February 28th Nature Night let’s review common bat species in Central Oregon and what makes these peculiar animals so incredible.

Women in Conservation Women in Conservation

Happy Women’s History Month!  In honor of all the great women out there, past and present, we’re profiling women with a commitment to conservation and the environment.

East Cascade dry forests East Cascade dry forests

In preparation for the Land Trust's Nature Night on Megafires, we offer a primer on east Cascade dry forests and their historic conditions. Thanks to The Nature Conservancy forest ecologist Kerry Kemp for this guest blog!

Good dogs Good dogs

Spring is in the air! As you get ready to head out to your favorite Land Trust Preserve for an early spring hike with your furry friend, we offer this reminder about the importance of keeping dogs on leash and keeping wildlife safe.

Winter Wildlife Sightings Winter Wildlife Sightings

You're not the only one that enjoys our Preserves! Find out what creatures have been spotted wandering around over the winter.

Crooked River Overview Crooked River Overview

The Crooked River is a remarkable place. It drains a diverse landscape ranging from the open stands of old ponderosa pines of the Ochoco and Maury Mountains to the high desert grasslands and the rugged basalt canyon of the lower Crooked River.

May is National Historic Preservation Month May is National Historic Preservation Month

Celebrate with historic tours at Land Trust Preserves. Visit one of the oldest structures in Deschutes County, walk wagon roads, or learn about the natural history of the area.

Giving Fish a Chance Giving Fish a Chance

Do you know what it’s like to have 2,500 lives in your hands? It’s pretty daunting, but when releasing fish at Land Trust Preserves, it’s also a lot of fun.

Your Guide to the Clouds Your Guide to the Clouds

Do you ever gaze at the sky and wonder what kinds of clouds you see? Check out our guide to clouds and see if you can recognize some of these the next time you've got an eye to the sky.

Voluntourism and You! Voluntourism and You!

Want to help out in the places you spend your vacation in? Look no further than voluntourism!

Summer Wildflowers Guide Summer Wildflowers Guide

Summer has officially arrived! Explore your Land Trust Preserves and see if you can find all of these summer wildflowers!

Spring Wildlife Wanderings Spring Wildlife Wanderings

We love spring because baby animals are out exploring our Preserves for the first time! Check out the slideshow for some of the wildlife we have seen this spring.