Thank You for Your Support!

Jan 09, 2018
Your year-end support of the Land Trust is truly astonishing! Thank you!

Executive Director Brad Chalfant. Photo: Provided.
Executive Director Brad Chalfant. Photo: Provided.
Though it's been 23 years, each year when I see the incredible outpouring of year-end gifts to the Land Trust, I still pinch myself to be sure I'm not dreaming. Thank you for your dedication to this work! Together we pursue this work because we passionately believe it's important to our future and that of the next generation. Yet to have so many of you step up and make a donation, well, that's something that still gets me choked up.

By any measure, 2017 was an extremely successful year for the Land Trust. We saw new acquisitions on Whychus Creek and the Crooked River; new or rebuilt trails, trail signs, and kiosks on our Preserves; more tours, great Nature Nights, and countless educational publications; as well as habitat restoration and stewardship efforts that are transforming the lands we manage.

Looking ahead, I'm confident that 2018 will be another important year for the Land Trust. Yet none of this will happen without your help. You stepped up this past month and we'll continue to need you standing alongside us--inspired to protect, restore, and steward some of Central Oregon's most significant wildlife habitat. Thank you for what you've made possible this past year and for what together we'll accomplish in 2018. 


Brad Chalfant
Executive Director