2016 News Items

2016 Nature Night Series

We're very pleased to announce this year's slate of Nature Nights! From salmon and steelhead to lichen and cougars, these monthly presentations are a great way to come in from the cold and get your nature fix before spring. Learn more...

Planning for the future of our protected lands

When winter snows block access to Land Trust Preserves, we use this time to work on management plans for our protected lands. Every Land Trust protected property has a management plan that guides the future of the land.

Trailhead improvements at Whychus Canyon Preserve

New kiosk signs provide updated trail maps, Preserve guidelines, and thank the supporters who made the Preserve what it is today. These signs are the first step in a updated trailhead. Learn more...

Farewell Lisa

The Land Trust is sad to note that Lisa Bagwell will be leaving the organization in March. Lisa has worked at the Land Trust since 2007.

Outdoor School for All

Once in a great while, a proposed ballot measure touches the heart of the Land Trust's work. That is the case with a proposed permanent funding source for Oregon's Outdoor School programs. Learn more about the effort.

The next Whychus Creek restoration

This summer the bulldozers and planting crews will be returning to a Land Trust Preserve on Whychus Creek. It is a visible reminder that sometimes nature needs a little help to get back on her feet.

Volunteers give back

A great big thank you to all of the volunteers that have been helping care for the Preserves this spring.

Steelhead released in Whychus Creek

Volunteers helped release 35,000 steelhead into Whychus Creek at several Land Trust protected lands including Aspen Hollow Preserve, Camp Polk Meadow Preserve, Whychus Canyon Preserve, and Rimrock Ranch.

Fire season reminders

Fire season is officially upon us! As we mark the two-year anniversary of the Two Bulls Fire in Skyline Forest, it's important for all of us to remember to take precautions when visiting Land Trust protected lands.

Whychus Creek restoration update

Lots of preparation is currently underway to get ready to restore the northernmost mile of Whychus Creek at Whychus Canyon Preserve this summer. Read on to learn more.

Monitoring our protected lands

Summer is monitoring season at the Land Trust. It's a time when we visit our protected lands for an annual check-up. Learn why monitoring is the heart of why we do what we do.

Whychus Creek restoration begins

The Whychus Creek restoration at Whychus Canyon Preserve has begun! Bulldozers and diggers hit the ground running at 6am on August 1st. They started at the northern end of the Preserve where it borders Rimrock Ranch and are working upstream from there.

Fire season reminders

Fire season began a bit later this year thanks to a great snowpack and spring rain. However, it's important for all of us to remember to take precautions when visiting Land Trust protected lands.