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Land Trust recognizes outstanding volunteers

Oct 25, 2019 by
The Land Trust presented our 2019 Volunteers of the Year Awards at our annual Open House. Learn more about our winners!

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The Deschutes Land Trust presented two Central Oregonians with Volunteer Awards at its annual Open House on October 24th. Pat Green and David Miller were honored as Volunteers of the Year.
This award is given annually to Land Trust volunteers who have provided outstanding service in the last year.

Pat Green has been a Land Trust volunteer since 2016. A retired forest ecologist, Pat donates her time for a variety of Land Trust projects including office work and co-leading the Weed Warriors in the battle against invasive weeds. Weed Warriors would be lost without her as she has spent countless hours bent down toward the earth, doing the hard work needed to create healthy habitat for our native plants. From pulling massive mullein to detailed plant identification, Pat has been there, crowbar and gloves in hand, to fight this good fight. Thank you Pat, for battling tirelessly against weeds and for donating your time to conserve and protect these lands for the generations to come!

David Miller has been a Land Trust volunteer since 2010. During his decade of volunteering with the Land Trust, David has pulled weeds, led walks and hikes, planted native vegetation, and just about everything in between! If you have had the pleasure to join David on a walk or hike, you know that his true passion lies in plants. His ability to share stories about each plant truly brings these silent parts of our landscape alive. Most recently, David continues to dive deeply into the plant world by helping to conduct fen research at our Metolius River Preserve. This research is helping us better understand and protect the fragile fen for years to come. Thank you David, for dedicating your time, energy, and amazing plant passion to the Land Trust!

Volunteers donated more than 4,560 hours to the Deschutes Land Trust during the past year. In the process, they’ve improved wildlife habitat, sunk roots in the community and made a commitment to helping others experience the best of Central Oregon. The Land Trust is truly indebted to the community of volunteers who support land conservation in Central Oregon. Congratulations to Pat and David for their outstanding contributions!

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