Photo: Greg Johnson.

Community Vision for Skyline Forest

Mar 03, 2023 by Rika Ayotte
The Land Trust is pleased to share the newly completed Community Vision for Skyline Forest.

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The Land Trust is pleased to share the newly completed Community Vision for Skyline Forest. We worked with a coalition of community groups to create this shared vision for the future of the forest. It represents the shared values of our community that will inform the Land Trust's strategies for acquiring, conserving, and managing Skyline Forest. We encourage you to read through the vision and share it with your friends and family.


How did we develop the Community Vision?

We held a series of stakeholder sessions in 2022 to identify and map current community priorities and solicit input for a vision for Skyline Forest. Led by a professional facilitator, stakeholders included recreationists, local nonprofit and conservation groups, tribal members, land managers, county/city/state government officials, neighbors, fire managers, and others.


What's next for Skyline Forest?

The Land Trust is entering a new phase of our path toward finding a permanent conservation outcome for Skyline Forest. We are working now on developing the funding partnerships that will enable us to move forward with a purchase of the property. Of course, we are only able to move at the pace of the landowner, but we are optimistic that 2023 will be a productive year for conserving Skyline Forest for our entire community.


How can you help?

The Land Trust has been working to protect Skyline Forest since 2004 thanks to the support of dedicated Land Trust supporters like you. If you haven't already, please take a moment to donate to the Land Trust today to help us continue to work to conserve and care for places like Skyline Forest. Together we can build a future of protected lands throughout Central Oregon that bring conservation and community together for a healthier future.


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