Photo: Land Trust.

Forest Restoration Efforts Continue at Rimrock Ranch

May 09, 2023 by Sarah Mowry
Forest restoration efforts began last spring at Rimrock Ranch, and continue this spring on another 60 acres.

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The Land Trust is continuing forest restoration efforts at Rimrock Ranch this spring thanks to funding from the Central Oregon Shared Stewardship Landscape Resiliency Project. The goal of the forest restoration work is to reduce wildfire danger at our Preserves and for our neighbors, while also helping mimic historic forest conditions and improve habitat for native plants and animals.

Forest restoration efforts began last spring at Rimrock Ranch, when crews thinned 100 acres of juniper by hand in steep areas inaccessible by vehicle. This spring, crews were working on flatter ground where we could use equipment to remove trees and then use those trees in our upcoming Whychus Creek stream restoration project. We thinned approximately 60 acres, targeting small junipers and those that were crowding ponderosa pines. Once the trees were cut, they were collected and moved to a staging area where they will be hauled to the stream restoration area. Woody materials like these trees are vital for healthy streams, and we are excited to use such a local source in the restoration.

Later this fall, we will return to the forest restoration area to restore and decompact access roads, as well as seed and plant new native plants. 


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