Photo: Rick Dingus.

Paulina Creek Preserve Update

Apr 07, 2023 by Sarah Mowry
The Land Trust protected Paulina Creek Preserve last November, and we've been busy since then with all sorts of projects. Read on to learn more.

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Since the Land Trust purchased and protected Paulina Creek Preserve in mid-November, we've been busy getting to know the new Preserve and have been so thankful for the overwhelming excitement and support people have shared with us about the Preserve! We truly are looking forward to building the future of Paulina Creek Preserve together.

Here is what we've been working on at Paulina Creek Preserve:

  • Developing funding: With a purchase and potential development imminent, the Land Trust borrowed funding to purchase and protect Paulina Creek Preserve. Now we must pay back those loans. We are in conversation with several funders and exploring options that include transferring portions of the Preserve to the US Forest Service.
  • Addressing structures: We are developing plans for addressing the dilapidated structures on the property, which have been identified as hazardous to the safety of staff and future visitors.
  • Connecting with community: Community conversations about Paulina Creek Preserve started with a small local steering committee in March and will continue with the larger community in April. The goal of these sessions will be to create a shared vision for the Preserve. Look for updates on the process here.


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