Photo: Rick Dingus.

Structure Removal Begins at Paulina Creek Preserve

Sep 01, 2023 by Sarah Mowry
Unsafe buildings are currently being removed from the Preserve.

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Structure removal at the Land Trust's newest Preserve, Paulina Creek Preserve, is currently underway. When the Land Trust acquired the Preserve in 2022 it came with several structures, including an old home and barn. Unfortunately, these structures have seen better days, and are now so dilapidated that they pose a danger to staff and visitors. Consequently, we are currently working with contractors to remove these structures in a safe and responsible manner.

Ultimately, structure removal is the first step in our effort to restore habitat at the Preserve. The Land Trust is developing plans now to guide future stream and forest restoration efforts. Stream restoration will focus on restoring Paulina Creek and its surrounding wet meadow by realigning the creek into its historic channels and reconnecting it to its floodplain. We also plan on improving water quality and quantity in Paulina Creek and Paulina Lake by returning irrigation water rights to instream use. Forest and meadow restoration efforts will center around restoring native plant communities in transitional areas between floodplain and forests, and increasing resilience to wildfire through sustainable thinning and fuels reduction efforts. The end result will be much better habitat for fish and other wildlife and a healthier Paulina Creek for us all.

Stay tuned for more details on the structure removal progress. Please note: Paulina Creek Preserve remains closed to the public. We appreciate your patience as we work to build a new Paulina Creek Preserve for the future!

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