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As a neighbor of Deschutes Land Trust's Willow Springs Preserve, we want to keep you up-to-date on activities at the Preserve. That's why we've created this Willow Springs Preserve news hub with links to our Neighbor Newsletters and other updates from the Preserve. We also encourage you to join us for hikes at the Preserve, volunteer at the Preserve, or contact us if you have any questions. Thank you!

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May Wildflowers in Central Oregon

May 01, 2024
May has arrived, and with it comes a fresh bouquet of wildflowers! From brilliant magenta to yellow speckles and a bit of everything in between, check out what's beginning to bloom this month.

Busy Beavers Are at it Again

Apr 24, 2024
Those busy beavers are at it again! Beavers are known to alter the land and water around them. These changes have a cascading effect on all parts of our natural world.

April Wildflowers in Central Oregon

Apr 15, 2024
Spring has arrived and brought a rainbow of colors along with it! From the most vibrant of yellows to the palest of pinks, keep an eye out for these April wildflowers the next time you're outside!

Super Bugs in our Water

Aug 01, 2022
Our streams and rivers in Central Oregon are full of life. Some of these stream inhabitants, like macroinvertebrates or water bugs, possess a super power--they can tell us about the health of our local streams and rivers.

May and June Wildflowers to Enjoy

May 26, 2022
The high desert is alive with the color of wildflowers in May and June. Soak in this brief season of green, gold, purple, and white with these native species.