Photo: Bruce Wright.

Hike Leaders

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Amanda Egertson Amanda Egertson

Amanda Egertson has extensive experience in outreach and interpretation, and an M.S. in Animal Ecology with a focus on songbirds and butterflies.

Amy Sanchez Amy Sanchez

Amy Sanchez is an avid birder and leads bird walks for the Land Trust.

Bill Mitchell Bill Mitchell

Bill Mitchell is a certified Oregon Master Naturalist and a former field researcher for the State of California and National Park Service.

Carol Moorehead Carol Moorehead

Carol Moorehead has lived in Central Oregon since 1976. She is a certified Oregon Master Naturalist who leads wildflower hikes for the Land Trust.

Carol Wall Carol Wall

Carol Wall has been a tour leader with the Land Trust since 2008, leading a variety of tours, especially bird walks and history hikes.

Coleen Pidgeon Coleen Pidgeon

Coleen Pidgeon has a background in biology and enjoys sharing her passion of nature.

Duke Tufty Duke Tufty

Duke Tufty studied evolutionary biology, but eventually fell in love with birding.

Daniele McKay Daniele McKay

Daniele McKay is a geologist who studies recent volcanic activity in Central Oregon and teaches at University of Oregon.

David Miller David Miller

David Miller likes to enliven his wild plant tours with stories, history, Native American uses, principles of botany, and even some evolutionary theory.

Derek Loeb Derek Loeb

Derek Loeb is a retired geophysicist who moved to Bend in 2011. He leads geology hikes for the Land Trust.

Gary Gustafson Gary Gustafson

Gary is a native Oregonian who enjoys beginning each day at home with a walk along the nearby Metolius River. He leads tours on fish and wildlife.

Jason Grant Jason Grant

Jason Grant is the Land Trust's restoration specialist.

Jen Zalewski Jen Zalewski

Jen Zalewski is an avid mountain biker and birder, and keeps Land Trust Preserves in tip-top shape as the Stewardship Manager.

Jim Hammond Jim Hammond

Jim has been interested in astronomy since he was very young and watched his father build a telescope. He leads the Land Trust's star parties.

Kara Jakse Kara Jakse

Kara Jakse leads bird walks for the Land Trust and volunteers surveying birds at Land Trust protected lands.

Kolby Kirk Kolby Kirk

Kolby Kirk is a writer, artist, photographer, and outdoorsman.

Leslie Olson Leslie Olson

Leslie Olson has lived in Bend for more than 30 years. She enjoys all things natural and has been a tour leader with the Land Trust since 2010.

Maret Pajutee Maret Pajutee

Maret Pajutee was an ecologist for the Forest Service for more than 20 years. She leads tree yoga and meditation walks for the Land Trust.

Mark Reed Mark Reed

Mark Reed is a retired forestry instructor who has recreated in Central Oregon for the past 45 years.