Photo: Sean Rea.

2021 Blog Posts

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Surveying Oregon's Native Bees Surveying Oregon's Native Bees

Land Trust outreach manager Jana Hemphill heads out to Camp Polk Meadow Preserve to learn more about surveying Oregon's native bees.

Celebrating our grandmothers Celebrating our grandmothers

In honor of Native American Heritage month (and our grandmothers!), the Land Trust's intern Demi Miller shares a story about her grandmother and some of the traditions they shared together.

Herd Nerd: All About Elk Herd Nerd: All About Elk

Elk have captivated the human spirit for as long as we've inhabited North America. Learn more about this majestic animal.

Gobble up these turkey facts Gobble up these turkey facts

Beards, wattles, and snoods! Brush up on your wild turkey facts, then impress everyone at the dinner table with your newfound knowledge.

Grand Fir vs Douglas Fir Grand Fir vs Douglas Fir

Do you know a grand fir from a Douglas fir? Learn how to tell the difference between the two before you take home a grand fir at the Tree Hunt!

A Year in Review A Year in Review

Take a look back at 2021 by enjoying a slideshow of incredible moments captured by our volunteer photographers and others.