Photo: Jay Mather.

Children and Nature

Learn more about how to get children interested and involved in our natural world--and at Land Trust Preserves--in the blog posts below.

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Children and nature go together like peanut butter and jelly. To help you get outside and exploring, we've pulled together some resources on how to do just that! Whether you are visiting your backyard, National Forest, or your Land Trust Community Preserves, we want to help you get out there and explore. If you need a hand, join us for from April-November for free, kid-specific guided hikes and explorations.

Observing Nature From a Sit Spot

Oct 10, 2020
Learn from volunteer naturalist and retired teacher, Susan Prince, how the young and young at heart can connect more deeply with nature by finding and returning to a ‘Sit Spot.’

Guide to the Perfect Picnic

Jul 06, 2020
Summer is the best time for a picnic! Whether you’re in your backyard or out on the trail, alone or sharing with a loved one, here are some tips for the perfect picnic.

How to Use Binoculars for Beginners

May 14, 2020
Here is a beginner's guide to getting started using binoculars. Use this guide to help you bird in your backyard or make new discoveries out on the trail! Here are our tips to help you and your binoculars reach their full potential.

Celebrate Earth Day at Home!

Apr 15, 2020
While local Earth Day fairs and parades have been cancelled, you can still celebrate the 50th anniversary of Earth Day on April 22, 2020 from home. Here are some ideas to get you take action!

The Great American Campout

Jun 17, 2019
Summer is here and with it comes camping season! Spending the night out in nature is a great way to connect with your family and learn more about the plants and animals that live in your region--even if you do it in your own backyard!