Central Oregon Wildlife

From large mammals like bears and cougars to tiny hummingbirds and butterflies, the diversity of of wildlife in Central Oregon is amazing. Learn more about the wildlife of our region--and at Land Trust Preserves--in the blog posts below.

Nature at Home: All About Scat

Jun 21, 2020
Wildlife have been out and about at Land Trust Preserves! How do we know? Scat! Learn some tips for scat identification from volunteer naturalist Gus Gustafson.

Rattlesnakes in Central Oregon

Jun 18, 2020
Rattlesnakes are just one of the creatures that call Land Trust Preserves home. Learn some tips for rattlesnake awareness from volunteer naturalist Gus Gustafson.

Nature at Home: Wildlife Watching

May 18, 2020
As spring turns into summer, wildlife have been active out and about at Land Trust Preserves! Check out some busy beavers and then learn some tips for watching wildlife from volunteer naturalist Gus Gustafson!

Wildlife Wanderings

Apr 16, 2020
You're not the only one that enjoys our Preserves! Check out the creatures we've spotted wandering around our protected lands.